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“As the Member of Parliament for one of the most beautiful ridings in Canada, stretching from the farms and forests of Lanark County to the outskirts of Kingston and the shores of Lake Ontario, I am committed to bringing you the highest standard of service and representation possible. I take representation seriously.”

Scott Reid

My team can help you in many ways. We can:

  • Act as your Ombudsman with the Federal Government and assist you with EI, Passports, SIN Card, CPP, OAS, GIS, CRA, and any other Federal Government Department, Agency or Crown Corporation
  • Help you get information on Federal Government programs and services
  • Link you to any provincial government programs or services
  • Provide small Canadian flag pins (for youth groups and service clubs only)
  • Arrange a tour of Parliament Hill (even for large groups), or arrange for you to sit in on a debate or Question Period
  • Provide certificates of achievement or recognition for your organization’s members and volunteers. On special occasions we may also be able to arrange for a certificate from the Prime Minister or other public figures.
  • If you need something that isn’t listed here, call one of my offices and we’ll do what we can to get you what you need

Other Levels of Government

Provincial Government Services

The Government of Ontario deals with matters which are of Provincial jurisdiction, including:

  • Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates
  • Healthcare (including the Ontario Health Insurance Card)
  • Education
  • Student Assistance
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Highways

Your Provincial Representative

John Jordan, MPP
Unit 207
91 Cornelia Street W.
Smiths Falls, ON
K7A 5L3
Phone: 613-284-1630
Fax: 613-267-7398
Email: John.Jordan@pc.ola.org




Municipal Government Services

The Municipal Government deals with local matters, including:

  • Property Taxes
  • Policing, Firefighting, and Emergency Response
  • Sanitation and Local Public Works
  • Local Roads
  • Local Development
  • Housing

Your Municipal Contacts

County of Lanark
Phone: (613) 267-4200
Fax: (613) 267-2964
Email: info@county.lanark.on.ca

County of Frontenac
Phone: (613) 548-9400
Fax: (613) 548-8460